"Have you ever felt that feeling where you wanted to run off and hide somewhere…and hope the stress and pain leaves you alone?"

Have you ever felt like you cant go on with your life? That you are buried so deep under that it feels like its crushing you? That you have stayed strong for way to long and you are ready to just shatter? Your not alone.

Every night my heart weighs down so much to where it hurts so bad i just want to end everything. What if i actually “pulled the plug” so to speak. How will it effect the future?

You might say “I’m just a nobody, no body cares.” But actually, it is the normal person that is the most important. They are the ones who fill in the bits and pieces.

The worlds greatest men and women started off as a kids. Who were the people that taught them how to love? Who gave them the confidence that would help bring a nation to world rising? It was just the “ordinary” people.

You are not worthless. Remember, before you pick up that blade, the gun, that string rope, that others are going threw the exact same thing you are, maybe even worse, but they are pushing through the turmoil because they know if they let the darkness overwhelm them, it will hurt everyone around them.

It might look like nobody cares, but how ‘bout if you look 10 years from now. Could you have been a person who saved a child from going through what you did. What if you saved him and he learns from you, and helps save 10 kids; then just think if those 10 kids saved 1,000 kids. YOU were the one behind the scene that saved 1,000 kids. Just think, if you pulled that trigger, cut to deep, or jumped, allot of those 1,000 kids might have made the same decision you did.

Don’t EVER say you are worthless. You will never know what the future has in store for you.

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I Give Up…. I’m not going to deal with anything or anyone today (Phone Will Be Off) #overwelmed #stressed  #tired #angry #annoyed #melancholy
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"i’m just being the devil’s advocate" did he send you from hell??????? is he paying you for that job or is part of your punishment for being a terrible human being that you gotta do it for free

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I want to cut so bad I can’t stop crying.


I’m usually that person who has no idea what’s going on

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Stressed, depressed and too poor to be well dressed

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